CA: Retail Cannabis Dispensary Teams To Make Presentations To City Council On March 13

Photo Credit: Steve Dipaola

The Cloverdale City Council will hold a public hearing for the presentation and possible selection of up to two retail cannabis dispensary permits on Tuesday, March 13.

The council will hear presentations of up to 15 minutes in length by the three groups that have submitted RFPs for cannabis dispensaries prior to the public hearing.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center, 209 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale.

The applicants that submitted commercial cannabis permit applications for a dispensary are California Wellness, Red Door Remedies and Quonset Botanicals.

The California Wellness team includes Scott Perkins of San Rafael and Robert Elam of Epperly and Elam in San Francisco. Perkins has been operating a cannabis delivery service since 2015 in San Francisco and the North Bay. Elam founded his own law firm and manages a real estate fund, Real Med Holdings. Elam is a cannabis attorney and broker. California Wellness proposes to locate its dispensary in a second floor office suite at 124 South Cloverdale Blvd. in the Antiques and Uniques building downtown. Patients would approach the dispensary from the right side of the building.

The team behind Red Door Remedies is Jammie King and Diana Schraner. King previously worked with her husband Patrick King, building locally as Wine Country Homes and King Family Homes, before he opened The Soil King Garden Center. Schraner provided local and residential commercial services as the owner of Earth Colors Painting. King and Schraner call themselves matriarchs of well-known local cannabis families with decades of combined experience as growers and a patient. They propose to locate their medical and adult use cannabis dispensary near the South Cloverdale Boulevard freeway exit at 1215 “A” South Cloverdale Blvd (also known as the old Kings Castle building).

Quonset Botanicals’ proposal was submitted by Mary Ann Brigham of Cloverdale. Brigham has owned and operated many businesses in the city of Cloverdale over the last 35 years, including Ruth McGowan’s Brewpub. She is currently a member of the Cloverdale City Council. In addition to Brigham, the team’s principals include Michael Brigham, S. Ipolani Bovee, Shawn Bovee and John Garland, all of Cloverdale. They propose operating a cannabis dispensary located across the street from the Citrus Fairgrounds at 314 South Cloverdale Blvd.