Canada: Assiniboia Prepares For Marijuana Legalization

Photo Credit: Journal News

The Assiniboia town council latest town hall meeting involved one issue most municipalities are going through, marijuana legalization.

Carol White, the CAO of Assiniboia, talks about the outline of what they have planned right now.

“That included not allowing any retail outlets within residential zone and not within 150 [meters] of any community service zones as well” she details. “It will be discretionary within the majority of our commercial zones, so that any application, council will have the opportunity to review it and the proposed location.”

While Moose Jaw has two marijuana business licenses, Assiniboia has only one.

Some other changes to the town is a plan to bring catch basins to help them deal with some of their storm water. Also, they had some fee changes involving the fire department and their trailer court. With the trailer court, a long term, affordable living option for some, they had to change the fees to understand them better.

“We couldn’t figure out exactly where [the fees] came from,” White explained. “So we wanted a general square footage rate and its not about increasing rent, it was just about having a consistent rent, no matter what the size of the lot.”

Assiniboia town council meets next on April 16th.