Canada: Governance And Priorities Committee Has Recommendations For Council Regarding Cannabis

Photo Credit: Okotoks Online

As the legalization of cannabis comes closer to a reality, the Governance and Priorities Committee have some recommendations to take to Town Council.

The committee met on May 22nd to review the general principals of what they would like to see in regards to cannabis in our community.

Tanya Thorn, Town Councilor, says Governance and Priorities would like to stick with the provincially set standards.

“We’re going to request that we stay with the provincial standard and have 100 meter separation between cannabis retail stores, provincial health care facilities and schools,” said Thorn.

In addition to the recommendations, a “Cannabis Let’s Talk Alberta” meeting was held at the town municipal center last week, where residents and business prospects gathered for a community discussion on the topic.

The committee will also recommend a bylaw be put in place that will encompass smoking, vaping and cannabis consumption in public places.

“The recommendation to council will be a bylaw prohibiting the consumption of cannabis in public spaces. Pathway systems, festivals and public events won’t allow cannabis consumption,” said Thorn.

The bylaw recommendation will also include adding an update to the existing community standards bylaw, in regards to smoke and odors.

“We’re looking for people to work together as good neighbors, and make sure it doesn’t impact other’s enjoyment of their backyards. No different than fire pits, but at the same time, if you have your neighbor there sitting on their deck smoking their cannabis, we’re going to have to learn to be tolerant of the new legislation as a community,” Thorn said.

All recommendations need to be brought forth to council for approval, which should occur sometime near the end of June.