Canada: Marijuana Legalization Easier For St. John’s Than Other Major Cities

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The responsibility for enacting and regulating cannabis once it becomes legal later this year is far less onerous for the capital city than other major Canadian centers.

Mayor Danny Breen says because St. John’s does not have a municipal police force, they are not facing the same pressures as other cities.

Breen is just back from a gathering of civic leaders from across the country to discuss preparations for the legalization of weed.

Breen says in St. John’s, the role is mainly from a zoning perspective.

He says the city’s regulations are mostly around land zoning, land usage, and business occupancy. In the case of a business that is seeking to become a supplier, then it has to be in the correct zone.

Seven dispensaries will be spread around the city by postal zone, with one likely in the downtown.