Connecticut Lawmakers Mull Marijuana Legalization Once Again

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Some state lawmakers want to know how recreational marijuana might be regulated if Connecticut decides to someday legalize the drug.

The General Assembly’s General Law Committee voted Thursday to raise the concept, the first step toward possible legislation.

Democratic Rep. Michael D’Agostino of Hamden says it’s unclear whether the General Assembly might legalize the recreational use of marijuana but agreed it makes sense for legislators to learn more about what a regulatory system would entail.

But Republican Rep. Vincent Candelora of North Branford opposes legalization and hopes “revenue pressures don’t force a bad decision” by lawmakers hoping to balance Connecticut’s budget.

Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says he still personally opposes legalized recreational pot, but will “cross that bridge when I come to it” if a bill reaches his desk.