DE: Cannabis Task Force Releases Recreational Marijuana Recommendations

Photo Credit: Delaware Public Media

Adult Use Cannabis Task force co-chairs Rep. Helene Keeley and Sen. Margaret Rose Henry say they’ll amend their legislation legalizing recreational marijuana in the coming weeks and seek to move it forward.

The task force approved releasing its report Wednesday. The task force has spent the past six months compiling recommendations.

Keeley says she’s optimistic the report will convince more of her colleagues to support legalizing pot.

“One of the things that many members had asked is ‘How is this thing going to work, what’s it going to look like?’ And I think that a lot can be read by the General Assembly members in the report and they can look at the presentations and make up their mind.”

But task force members nearly didn’t approve making the report public. Thirteen members voted to release it while 12 voted no, abstained or were absent.

The narrow vote comes after they failed to get enough votes last month to release the report. Some members wanted all information presented during the meetings to be added, which wasn’t initially included.