Frisco, Colorado To Vice Media: Don’t Smoke Marijuana In Public

Photo Credit: Vice

Frisco’s marketing department doesn’t have a problem with Vice Media coming to town, but it would like the news and culture site to follow the rules if it returns to film another installment of its marijuana web series “Blunt Reviews.”

The nine-minute video features host Simone Sullivan staying at a home in Frisco, where she’s treated to marijuana-infused elk chili and a day of hiking at Rainbow Lake and ice fishing on Lake Dillon. It also features plenty of shots of Sullivan lighting up in public, which is illegal under Colorado law.

“For me the most major problem with the video was them consuming marijuana in places they shouldn’t have been,” said Vanessa Agee, the town’s marketing and communications director. “That sets people up for visiting a place in Colorado and thinking it’s fine to smoke in public and getting an expensive ticket or a police interaction. I wouldn’t want that to happen anywhere in Colorado, much less in our town.”

The issue could’ve been avoided if the film crew had applied for a film permit with the town, which is free online and takes only about 10 minutes, Agee said.

“Part of that process is we tell people what will and what won’t work,” she explained. “In this case, we probably would’ve put conditions out there and said, you need to follow our state’s rules about consuming marijuana.”