IL: Madigan Hasn’t Made ‘Final Decision’ On Legal Marijuana Issue

Photo Credit: Erin Hooley

As lawmakers eye the possibility of legalizing recreational marijuana in Illinois, House Speaker Michael Madigan says he hasn’t made up his mind on the issue.

“I haven’t come to a final decision,” he said Monday.

Madigan was asked about the topic shortly after he was elected to a record sixth term as chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois. Madigan spoke about how the party must be “inclusive” to win elections.

“The issues change from time to time,” he said. “But for American political parties, they have to be aware of what the people want. When American political parties are not aware of that, they usually dissolve.”

Democratic governor candidate J.B. Pritzker has called for legalization of marijuana to bring in more tax dollars, combat opioid use and prevent people from getting jail time for minor drug offenses.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner is opposed to recreational legalization, comparing efforts in other states to a “massive human experiment.”