Israel: New Study Shows Marijuana May Help Fight Cancer

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Israel-based One World Cannabis Ltd. has developed a cannabinoid-based drug therapy that was shown to be effective in fighting multiple myeloma cells.

In clinical trials, a combination of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was able to decrease the survival of cancerous cells, a big step for the medical marijuana community.

Promising Results

Multiple myeloma is a cancer of plasma cells in bone marrow and its suffers make up 1 percent of cancer patients around the world. The disease is responsible for 2 percent of the world’s cancer-related deaths.

The company’s first basic study had promising results against the cancerous cells, and One World is planning to submit those results for an institutional board review. If approved, the company plans to explore how different CBD and THC combinations can help improve the quality of life for patients suffering from multiple myeloma cancer.

New Delivery

One World is also working on a new delivery system that would make medical marijuana easier for doctors to administer. The company has developed a cannabis dissoluble tablet that allows doctors to more closely monitor dosage, unlike current methods like smoking and ingesting edibles.

Medical Marijuana Advancement

The study serves as a step forward for medical marijuana, as scrutiny over the benefits of the drug has kept several states from legalizing its use.

Also, providing marijuana treatments in tablet form could make cannabis-based treatments more acceptable as it gives the patient and the doctor more control over how much is being ingested and provides a healthier alternative to smoking.

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