Lamar Odom Getting Into The Marijuana Business Three Years After Near Fatal Overdose

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nearly three years after his near fatal overdose, Lamar Odom is getting into the marijuana business. The former NBA star is reportedly launching Rich Soil Organics, a company that will cultivate “organically grown, pesticide-free cannabis.”

According to The Blast, Lamar, 38, credits the plant for helping him recover from his crack cocaine addiction. “While going through rehab, I discovered certain strains that support wellness,” he said. “Friends, associates, and ex-teammates asked me what solutions I was using on my road back to recovery, and that’s when Rich Soil Organics was born.”

He also hopes his new line of products, including flowers, concentrates, extracts and other CBD/THC infusions, can help others who might be struggling with addiction. “It’s a perfect time to offer these cannabis solutions to the public who may be going through similar body issues as I am,” Lamar added.

Rich Soil Organics is expected to launch later this year in California. However, this is not the only project Lamar is working on. Khloé Kardashian’s ex-husband is also reportedly writing a tell-all book, and he will be including secrets about his former in-laws. “Lamar just wants to put his truth out there because there have been so many lies written about him,” a source told Us Weekly.

“He just wants to set the record straight. It shouldn’t be considered a hit against Khloé or the Kardashians. There might be some things in the book that the family doesn’t want out there, but Lamar isn’t doing this to hurt them. Lamar is happy for Khloé, but it’s bittersweet because even after all this time, he still loves her. But he recognizes that she had no other choice but to move on from him.”

In 2015, Lamar overdosed in a Nevada brothel and the near-death experience helped the athlete turn his life around. “I wasn’t in a good place mentally, especially mentally, before the incident happened,” he said on The Doctors. “My wife at the time, we were going through some things. I was in a dark place. So, I guess they say everything happens for a reason. So, I guess the reason is, I’m here and I can tell the story.”