MA: Recreational Marijuana Market To Open In July

Photo Credit: Sue Vorenberg

The state’s top marijuana regulator expects a “sparse” market this summer, once recreational pot sales start.

We are now less than two months away from recreational pot sales in Massachusetts, but there are still a lot of questions about supply and demand.

This week, Cannabis Control Commission chairman Steven Hoffman said consumers can expect a “sparse marijuana market” once legal sales begin July 1st.

Erica Cole, manager of Shop Therapy in Northampton, told 22News, “I know each town has their own regulation on how many licenses in the retail marijuana business they do want. I know Northampton is allowing 10.”

Hoffman partly blames municipal bans and restrictions for fewer pot shops. He hopes support improves after legal sales begin.

The Boston Globe reported 189 out of the 351 municipalties across the state have already banned retail pot shops or they have some form of a restriction on marijuana businesses.

Before the Cannabis Control Commission approves an application, the applicant must hold a community meeting and sign a host community agreement with the city or town.

Hoffman expects a marijuana boom to start nearly six months after legal sales begin July 1st.

The commission will begin issuing licenses June 1st.