MA: What To Expect When Recreational Marijuana Sales Are Legal

Photo Credit: David L. Ryan

We are less than one month away from recreational marijuana shops being able to legally open in Massachusetts.

Jon Keller sat down with Steven Hoffman, the chairman of the Massachusetts Cannabis Commission for an update on the process. Recreational sales are legal as of July 1.

“I’m really hoping that people are a little patient. This is brand new,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman said the benefit to buying marijuana in pot shops is customers will be to know exactly what they’re getting in terms of potency.

A total of 38 applications have been submitted so far in the state. Not all of them are for recreational stores – some are for cultivating and transportation. Hoffman said about a dozen applications have been received for retail use.

It’s possible, Hoffman said, that when July 1 arrives, there will be no retail stores open. After the state receives the submissions, the applicants have to receive zoning approval from towns and cities within 60 days.

“I just want to remind everybody that July 1 is not a legislative mandate. It’s an expectation,” said Hoffman. “We’re working very hard to it. It might by July 1. It might be a week after. But it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen shortly around that time frame.”