With Medical Marijuana Done, Supporters Eye Recreational Pot For Pennsylvania

Photo Credit: Darryl Dyck

Led by one of the state’s top elected officials, supporters are ramping up their push for legalizing recreational pot in Pennsylvania.

Governor Tom Wolf has been cool to the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania. But fellow Democrat Eugene DePasquale – the state auditor general – continues to beat the drums for it. He was the headliner at a recent rally for the cause at the state capitol. DePasquale cites the potential for new tax dollars and other benefits.

“2018 — this issue, like so many others, will play an important role in our elections all over Pennsylvania, and all over the United States,” he said. “And I say to you, hold your elected officials accountable.”

Governor Wolf is among those officials seeking re-election this year. Moments after DePasquale’s remarks, Wolf’s spokesman – asked if the governor has changed his position – said Wolf remains focused on implementing Pennsylvania medical marijuana program.