MI: Marijuana Trade Show Cannacon Comes To Detroit Saturday

Photo Credit: Amber Sandhu

Thousands of people are expected at Cobo Hall Saturday for Cannacon, a national cannabis industry convention.

The push to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan has a critical deadline looming, with the state legislature having until Tuesday to decide on mandating it or letting the issue go to the voters. This is Cannacon’s first Detroit visit and it’s not because of the possibility of legalized recreational pot. A spokesperson told Local 4 Michigan has the most progressive medical marijuana law in the nation and there was a demand for the trade show.

Unlike the North American International Auto Show, also hosted at Cobo Hall, Cannacon can’t legally show of its topic because it’s illegal. Grow lights and other agricultural demonstrations were done with tomato plants. What the convention can present is hope that marijuana will bring massive profits.

Cobo Hall has been converted into a giant high-tech greenhouse and farming operation. Nick Smart, the general manager of Cannacon, said the event is to provide those who wish to be involved in the medical marijuana industry with the knowledge and products to be safe and successful.

It’s easy to fail at this though, so thousands flocked to Cannacon to carefully listen and learn from experts and licensed professionals. One lecture will cover what plants can ruin a greenhouse.

Joe Trzcinski’s selling an air filter to minimize the smell after multiple complaints in Colorado.

“They had to shut down for the odor and build a very complex odor abatement system before they could turn it back on,” Trzcinski said.

George Adjabeng is selling a product to help remove cannabis oil with ethanol without destroying it.

“This machine helps you remove the ethanol in order to have access to the ingredients — the cannabis oil you need to make your gummy bear,” Adjabeng said.

Others come to the convention to shop for equipment for their dispensaries.

“Extraction equipment, looking for cartridge filters, pretty much everything,” said Marie Dancu.

Cannacon costs $100 to get in and $225 to get into the lectures. They advise going online and preregistering.