CA: Mike Tyson Says He Will Have The ‘Best Marijuana Around’

Photo Credit: BingImages

Mike Tyson is not worried about any competition as he prepares to launch his cannabis empire, because he’s confident his marijuana will knockout the competition.

The former Heavyweight champion was in Hollywood Wednesday night at the Arclight Theaters for the premiere of his new movie, “Kickboxer: Retaliation.”

He says production on Tyson Ranch in California City will begin in a couple of months, and he’s not worried about any competition as the facility gets up and running because he believes his cannabis will be the best around.

Tyson also says he’s planning on bringing in his celebrity friends  to collaborate on the farm, and admits Snoop Dogg is a possibility because the two are “old smoking buddies.”

The Blast first reported on Tyson’s cannabis resort, which will not only feature cultivation facilities, but also a school, bakery, amphitheater and glamping area.