MS: Video Appears To Show Police Chief Smoking Marijuana In Steelers Shirt

Photo Credit: Getty

A Mississippi police chief is facing questions over a leaked video, which seemingly shows him smoking marijuana in a Pittsburgh Steelers shirt.

In the video, Lumberton Police Chief Shane Flynt can be seen smoking what he implies is marijuana.

“I’m the only Chief of Police in Lumberton that likes to smoke weed,” he says in the video.

While it is unclear when the video was recorded, at times, Christmas music can be heard in the background.

Something that appears to be Flynt’s chief uniform can also be seen in the background.

Using vulgar language and a broken pipe, he laughs about being the chief of police and high.

“You don’t know (expletive). Who the coolest is? Me! I’m the coolest,” Flynt said.

When confronted by a reporter, Chief Flynt was not interested in discussing the video and went back inside the department.

The video was then shown to Mayor Quincy Rogers, who said it was “disturbing.”

According to Board of Alderman minutes, Flynt was voted in as chief back in September.

“As superintendent of this city I felt that I should have seen this. I’m very hurt,” Mayor Rogers said.

In mid-February, he was suspended for what city leaders and the mayor would only say is a personnel matter.

That suspension didn’t last long. A unanimous vote by the board on Feb. 22, put Flynt back on the job.

Mayor Rogers said he had heard about a video of Chief Flynt and was told the Board of Aldermen had it, but never showed him.

Board member Jonathan Griffith said he had never seen the video and wasn’t aware of any other board member having seen it either.

“Everyone in life makes mistakes. And, so, it is our intent to make sure that we investigate this matter properly,” Griffith said.

Griffith questions the video and why it was released, saying everyone deserves a second chance.

The mayor says the city will take action, but did not specify what it would be.

Chief Flynt reportedly volunteered to take a drug test, but the results were incomplete.