NJ: Spotswood Opposes Legal Weed

Photo Credit: AP

The Borough Council adopted a resolution Wednesday strongly opposing the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey.

“We believe such legalization is a great risk to our citizens’ quality of life,” the resolution reads. “The true impact of legal recreational marijuana is only beginning to be heard.”

The resolution also says that it may be the wrong time to legalize marijuana.

“At a time when society is battling many drug addictions and abuse, it is no time to increase acces and provide another drug avenue for our youth and young adults to experiment with,” the resolution states.

The resolution outlines reasons for the opposition to decriminalization, including a slew of statistics from Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal. The resolution states that Colorado’s youth marijuana use rate is the highest in the nation, and 48.4 percent of adults arrested in Denver tested positive for marijuana.

Monmouth and Ocean counties have passed resolutions opposing legalization. In recent weeks, Some Jersey Shore are also considering resolutions against legalization. Old Bridge is also considering a resolution against legalization.

But two large municipalities — Jersey City and Asbury Park — have said they will welcome the sale of marijuana within their borders.

Even if the legislation sails through the Legislature, it may be years before legal recreational marijuana sales become a reality as the state creates and staffs marijuana regulators in the Office of the Attorney General.

And even if marijuana is legalized in the state, municipalities will have the option of not allowing sales within city limits.