NJ: Would You Be In Favor Of A Marijuana Dispensary Opening In Your Neighborhood

Photo Credit: Miami New Times

It seems to be a bit of a case of “not in my backyard,” but Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, who supports the legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey, doesn’t want his city to become “New York City’s drug dealer.”

Fulop hopes to get out ahead of legalization in the state so the city is not blindsided by the law. He hopes to initially have a citywide ban on recreational pot cultivation and sales, but then, with residents’ input, limit the growing and sale to certain zones.

In a recent Facebook post, Fulop said he wants “residents to control the entire process and we won’t be caught flat footed by any changes to Trenton. We will be protected so that we chart our own course in Jersey City.”

So maybe a “not in my backyard (for now).”

Councilwoman-at-large Joyce Watterman does not support legalizing recreational marijuana in the state, saying the drug will not help those who are “less fortunate.”

The City Council will hear Fulop’s plan at this week’s meeting.

Other New Jersey towns and counties have already said no to legal weed.

After California legalized recreational marijuana, San Francisco took it a step further with welcoming Amsterdam-like smoking lounges.