NY: Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Here’s What 2,000 Of Our Readers Said

Photo Credit: Associated Press

Back in December, SILive asked its readers to take a quick, 10-question survey to get their opinions about marijuana.

As of Wednesday, 2,060 people responded.

The following is a look at the unscientific results.

A look at who responded

Almost 69 percent (1,413 people) of the respondents identified themselves as male. The remaining 31 percent (647) were female.

While the survey was intended for our Staten Island readers, only 1,101 (53 percent) called the borough home. Some variation of “Staten Island” (Staten Island, SI, etc.) was listed as the home community for 381 of those people.

The other 720 people listed one of 34 specific neighborhoods (Annadale, Arden Heights, Bay Terrace, Bulls Head, Castleton Corners, Concord, Dongan Hills, Eltingville, Graniteville, Grasmere, Great Kills, Grymes Hill, Huguenot, Mariners Harbor, New Dorp, New Springville, Oakwood, Port Richmond, Prince’s Bay, Richmond, Rosebank, Rossville, St. George, Silver Lake, South Beach, Stapleton, Sunnyside, Todt Hill, Tompkinsville, Tottenville, Travis, West Brighton, Westerleigh and Willowbrook) as their home community.

Meanwhile, 929 (45 percent) of the respondents identified themselves as something other than a borough resident with “Other” (780) leading the way, followed by New York (34), New Jersey (25) and New York City (17). Other respondents listed Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Paramus, N.J.

The remaining 2 percent (30 people) listed either “Yes” or “No” as their community.

The age range varied as well. Tossing out anomalies (a couple of people responded 0, 3, 389, 420 and 500 as their age), the respondents ranged from 14 years old (five people) to 89 years old.

Have you ever used marijuana recreationally?

The question was answered by 2,051 of the 2,060 respondents.

Yes — 75.3 percent (1,544 people)

No — 24.7 percent (507 people)

When was the last time you used marijuana recreationally?

Of the 1,534 people who responded, 44 percent (675 people) said they had used within the last week.

The other answers:

Within the last month — 9.4 percent (144 people)

Within the last year — 11.6 percent (178 people)

1-5 years ago — 11.7 percent (179 people)

6-10 years ago — 4.4 percent (67 people)

11-20 years ago — 7 percent (108 people)

More than 20 years ago — 11.9 percent (183 people)

Was marijuana legal for recreational use where you used it?

Of the 1,523 responses, 89.2 percent (1,358 people) said no, while 10.8 percent (165 people) said yes.

Have you ever used medical marijuana (with a prescription)?

Of the 2,060 respondents, 1,539 people answered the question.

Yes — 143 (9.3 percent)

No — 1,396 (90.7 percent)

Do you think marijuana is a gateway drug?

The question was answered by 1,995 people.

Yes — 370 (18.5 percent)

No — 1,441 (72.2 percent)

I’m not sure — 184 (9.2 percent)

Do you think marijuana is more potent now than it was 20+ years ago?

Of the 2,060 people who took the survey, only 1,996 responded to the question.

Yes — 1,035 (51.9 percent)

No — 406 (20.3 percent)

I’m not sure — 555 (27.8 percent)

Do you support New Jersey’s push to legalize marijuana for recreational use?

Of the 2,031 people who responded, 78.2 percent (1,588) said, “Yes”; 20.2 percent (411) said, “No,” and 1.6 percent (32) said, “I’m not sure.”

Should recreational marijuana be legalized in New York state?

The question was answered by 2,055 people.

Yes — 1,610 (78.3 percent)

No — 418 (20.3 percent)

I’m not sure — 27 (1.3 percent)

If marijuana were to be legalized, what should be the legal age to use it?

The question was answered by 2,033 people.

21 years old or older — 1,572 people (77.3 percent)

18 years old — 388 (19.1 percent)

17 years old — 73 (3.6 percent)

If marijuana were to be legalized, should it be governed/taxed similarly to alcohol?

Of the 2,060 people who took the survey, 2,042 responded.

Eighty-five percent (1,735) said yes, while 15 percent (307) said no.