OH: ‘That’s A Lot Of Weed!’ 4th District Officers Bust Marijuana Grow Operation On Cleveland’s East Side

Photo Credit: Kane County Sheriff's Office

Cleveland police made a substantial marijuana bust Friday when officers from the 4th District shut down a grow operation on the city’s east side.

Authorities discovered a large-scale grow room at a warehouse on the 10000 block of Meech Avenue. The warehouse is directly behind Dove Playground and an old baseball field.

Owen Rex, 55, who is the owner of the warehouse, has been arrested and charged with trafficking of drugs, receiving stolen property and possession of criminal tools.

In 2009, Rex was convicted and sentenced to six months in jail for possession of cocaine in Lake County.

Cleveland police tweeted out a photo shortly after the bust with the caption:

“Holy smokes, that’s a lot of weed! Fourth district officers have successfully stomped out someone’s #420 plans.”

Police said about 250 to 300 plants were recovered as well as equipment to grow and process the marijuana.