Ontario Marijuana Producer Issues Voluntary Recall After Complaints Of Mouldy Weed

Photo: Shutterstock

An Ontario marijuana grower has issued a voluntary recall of a weed batch after complaints about mould in the product.

RedeCan says it first received a complaint about the issue on Nov. 18 from a customer who had purchased a 3.5 gram bottle of a strain called “B.E.C.” through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

The company has since received four more complaints about mould in 3.5 gram bottles of the product. Images of mouldy weed have also accompanied complaints online and have gained traction on social media.

In a statement released Thursday, RedeCan said that this is the first time that such a problem has arisen since it became a licenced producer in 2014. However it said that it is taking the complaints seriously.

“RedeCan is voluntarily requesting the return, not only of Lot B.E.C. 4B2L3, but of all units of the B.E.C. brand, being every lot of this strain that it has shipped,” the company said in its release. “We will be working with OCS on the logistics of how to best do this, and we will make a further announcement in this regard.”

The company said it will inspect and test all 7,400 affected bottles of the product and will work with Health Canada to verify batch samples of the strain through a third party.

“At RedeCan, we are devoted to producing high quality cannabis products. Not only do we accept that we have a responsibility to comply with Industry Standards relating to the production and distribution of cannabis products, but we strive actively to exceed expectations in this regard,” the company said.

The company said “one complaint is too many.”

Redecan said all of its products already undergo irradiation and “rigorous” third-party testing before being packed, sealed and shipped to the OCS.

The company said it will work with the OCS to investigate the problem.