OR: Medford To Consider Marijuana Deliveries

Photo Credit: Brian Davies

Medford city council will consider an ordinance that, if approved, could mean more business for marijuana sellers.

The ordinance looks at home deliveries, and if approved would bring the city in line with a recent state amendment.

While the city has seen loosened marijuana restrictions in recent years, they have never considered deliveries specifically.

Medford City Council passed the movement in favor 5 to 3. The ordinance will go to a second meeting.

“Right now, as it stands, our office interprets Medford code as not allowing for home delivery, and so if council makes a decision to allow for home delivery for some or all types of marijuana consumers. That would be the change,” says deputy city attorney Eric Mitton.

The city is considering three options. Option one would prohibit home deliveries in Medford; option two would allow deliveries for medical users; and option three would allow deliveries for everyone.