‘Our Cannabis Is Awesome. Come Visit My District & I Will Show You,’ California Congressman Tells Fox News Host

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Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) has gone from being a longtime supporter of marijuana legalization to a spokesperson for cannabis tourism. When Tucker Carlson criticized California’s economy, Lieu invited the Fox News host to Los Angeles to check out the thriving cannabis industry.

The tiff began with a recent tweet in which Carlson said, “California is developing the economic Structure of Latin America. How long before it’s Venezuela.”

@TuckerCarlson: The mid class is fleeing CA. Normal ppl can’t live there anymore. Housing prices are too high, wages too low. CA increasingly consists of tech oligarchs & their imported, low-wage servants. CA is developing the economic structure of Latin America. How long before it’s Venezuela?

Lieu replied by claiming California has one of world’s largest economies and a budget surplus. “Also, our cannabis is awesome. Come visit my district & I will show you,” he added.

@TedLieu: Dear @TuckerCarlson: CA has now grown to the 6th largest economy in the world, and we have a budget surplus. The unemployment rate is at a record low. And we have Disneyland. Who doesn’t like Disneyland?

Also, our cannabis is awesome. Come visit my district & I will show you.

Lieu has been know for his strong marijuana advocacy in the past. In 2015 Lieu sponsored a bill that moved money from the DEA’s eradication budget to programs aiding victims of child abuse, according to Marijuana Moment. And in March he led a group looking to further cut DEA cannabis eradication spending in 2019.