Penn State Student Faces Felony Charges Over Marijuana Possession

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A Penn State student living in East Halls now faces felony charges over his possession of marijuana, according to court documents filed on Thursday.

The incident began on Nov. 10, when a University Police officer was dispatched to Curtin Hall after the smell of marijuana was reported on the third floor. The officer was able to determine the dorm room after conducting an inspection, though it appeared to be vacant at the time.

After knocking on the door and trying to call the residents, the officer left the complex and tried to discern if anyone was present by looking through the windows.

While out of the building, one of the residents entered the dorm. A Residence Life coordinator notified the officer, stating the individual promptly left the room after removing items.

The officer met with student John McGee outside the dorm, and according to with McGee later asking the officer if he had a search warrant.

According to the officer, along with the suspected odor of marijuana, there was also had a fan in the room and a red cup containing marijuana flakes.

McGee said he possessed no such items of contraband, but he later consented to the search and signed the necessary form, according to court documents.

The officer, after searching through McGee’s backpack near his desk, found four bags of marijuana and two THC concentrate containers, meant to refill droppers and needleless syringes.

Glass jars of THC concentrate, along with six prescription pill bottles of both controlled and non-controlled substances, were also found and seized.

Later lab tests confirmed the substances to have contained marijuana or THC.

McGee decline to participate in an interview, simply saying, “I can’t believe this — I am not selling drugs,” according to court documents.

McGee is currently awaiting his preliminary hearing, scheduled for April 18.