NJ: Put Down Your Martinis And Legalize Marijuana, Tom Moran Says

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Somebody kindly check to see whether there is a vacancy at the Newark Home for the Befuddled.

Because Star-Ledger Editorial Page Editor Tom Moran cannot fathom why skeptical, gimlet-guzzling lawmakers and their confused chorus still protest the unassailable logic of marijuana legalization for adults in the state of New Jersey, and here is his argument in this video produced by N.J. Advance Media.

Scale handy? Tom suggests you objectively weigh which drug – alcohol or marijuana – carries the graver threat of roadway tragedy, health damage, and death.

While we’re at it, lawmakers can come to grips with these realities: Marijuana isn’t exactly scarce, and during its illegal lifetime, it has only served to benefit the gang element, reduce the existing law to a sham, and foster a racist legacy of mass incarceration.

Jersey, attend: There are two adult-use marijuana bills currently in the state Legislature. Sen. Nicholas Scutari’s bill (S-3195) has been before the Senate Judiciary Committee for three months and Assemblyman Reed Gusciora’s bill (A-3581) is going through hearings before the Oversight Committee.

These bills legalize possession, create a Division of Marijuana Enforcement, and establish a licensing framework. Please put down the double Dewar’s and get to know them. As always, Tom invites the debate.