Sale Of Recreational Marijuana Does Not Lead To Spike In Patients At UC San Diego Health

Photo Credit: Mathew Sumner

UC San Diego Health has not experienced a spike in marijuana-related cases since recreational cannabis went on sale in California on January 1st.

“We were prepared in case there was change, but things have stayed about the same,” said Dr. Richard Clark, director of the Division of Medical Toxicology.

The university periodically handles marijuana-related traffic accidents and cases where a person consumes too much cannabis, which can result in vomiting.

Clark said the picture could change over time, especially as it involves impaired driving.

“Just because marijuana is legal doesn’t mean that it is OK to smoke it then go out and drive,” Clark said.

State officials say they won’t have initial sales data for the first quarter of the year until April, at the earliest. San Diego marijuana retailers have said they experienced strong sales during January, and that many stores are still coping with lines at certain times of day.