TN: 40 Pounds Of Marijuana Found In Luggage At Nashville Airport

Photo Credit: CBC

Authorities have made an arrest after finding 40 pounds of marijuana inside luggage at Nashville International Airport.

Police were tipped off by the DEA that two pieces of luggage filled with marijuana were coming to Nashville on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle, WA, on Thursday.

Authorities said the person who checked the luggage did not board the flight in Seattle.

When the flight arrived in Nashville, a K-9 officer checked the bags and alerted police that there were drugs inside.

Officers then waited for someone to pick up the luggage at the baggage claim.

After Willie James Wilson allegedly picked up the bags, he told police someone paid him $1,500 to pick up the luggage from the airport.

According to the arrest report, there were 40 vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana inside the luggage, each weighing a little over 1 pound.

Wilson, 50, is facing a felony drug charge. He was booked into jail Thursday and is being held on $100,000 bond.

Earlier this week, a man was arrested after police allegedly found 25 pounds of marijuana inside his luggage at the airport.