TX: Democrat Running Against Ted Cruz Endorses Marijuana Legalization

Photo Credit: Civilized

Beto O’Rourke is a Democrat running against Ted Cruz in this year’s Texas Senate race. And while there are some reasons to think he could stand a chance, his latest announcement could give him a greater boost.

O’Rourke went on Twitter yesterday to discuss marijuana. In a tweet, he mentioned how keeping cannabis illegal means veterans and people living with epilepsy are not able to receive access to medication that could save their lives. He ended his tweet by calling on the end of the federal government’s prohibition on marijuana.

Usually attention on a Democratic candidate running against a Republican in Texas wouldn’t be worth the energy. But many believe O’Rourke has a legitimate chance to defeat Cruz this fall. Many are waiting for Texas to turn blue as the number of Latino voters, who mostly support Democratic candidates, increases. And anti-Trump sentiment could spillover even in deep red states like Texas.

A recent poll found that O’Rourke is only trailing Cruz by three points. Considering the majority of Americans support marijuana legalization, perhaps O’Rourke could see a boost from cannabis activists who want to support his candidacy.

Cruz is actually not the most anti-marijuana Republican out there. While he’s said he doesn’t support legalizing it, he’s also said he supports leaving in the issue up to the states. So perhaps O’Rourke won’t be able to entirely use this issue to his advantage.