WA: Spokane Pot Shops See Increase In Edible Sales On Super Bowl Weekend

Photo Credit: Brandi Fullwood

Pot shops are preparing for their biggest sales for Super Bowl weekend, according to USA Today.

A big leap in pot sales around leading up to Super Bowl weekend is nothing new to Washington state pot shops. Not to mention all the extra hype that came with the first two states to legalize marijuana faced off in the 2014 Super Bowl. But now, pot shops in Spokane say the hype seems to be dying down.

“That hype has been a little quieter this year, but still some interest,” Caitlyn Finger, Purchasing Manager Spokane Green Leaf, said.

Spokane Green Leaf is one of the first pot shops to open in Spokane. Finger said over the past few years, they would see an increase in foot traffic and items purchased the Friday and Saturday before the Super Bowl. But not anymore. The Vault’s manager, Josh Wleklinski, has a theory as to why this might be.

“I’d say we’ve just become more used to where marijuana is at. It’s more a regular everyday thing. The stigma is not so prevalent here,” Wleklinski said.

Another theory is that sales around Super Bowl weekend are tied to the Seahawks and if they are playing in the Super Bowl.

“There’s definitely a lift with the Seahawks they do well numbers wise for us. We like to spotlight that too. We’ll generally do specials for Seahawks fans if they’re wearing gear,” Wleklinski explained.

So while Super Bowl weekend may not be as big for Spokane pot shops as it used to be they still see an increase in edible sales.

“Edibles go really well for Super Bowl. Everyone wants to snack throughout the day and we have a crazy amount of options. Chocolates usually do really well but we have salt and sugar and cannabis water now so people can make their own infused meals. So, we’ll expect huge influx of those edibles, ” Finger explained.

For now, these shops are enjoying the steady stream of business because they will want to be ready for their busiest time of the year on April 20.