WA: World Famous Glass Blower To Create World’s Largest Bong In Seattle

Photo Credit: Bongzilla Seattle

Jerome Baker and a team of world renowned glass blowers will create the world’s largest bong in downtown Seattle.

This ultra-visual event will take place beginning April 19th with the final assemble and presentation taking place on Sunday April 22nd.

The event has been made possible through the support of Weekend Unlimited Inc., a company that has partnered with Jerome Baker to help create mind blowing experiences.

The project leader, Jerome Baker, is synonymous with the modern glass bong. Jerome has made thousands of bongs and waterpipes since 1991.

Photo Credit: Jerome Baker Designs

Jerome is currently exploring a new direction by bringing the bong into the mainstream as fine artwork.

This incredible event is the culmination of many years of working in the medium.

The project is bringing the world’s top glass blowers and sculptors together to create artwork that has never been done before. Over 200 crafts people are involved in the project.

The four-day session will have three expert teams making different parts that will come together at the end of the event.

Photo Credit: Jerome Baker Designs

There will be a variety of sizes and colors of pieces coming out of the production each day.

The teams will come together and begin working on the largest of the pieces in that afternoon of day three.

This piece will finish at the end of day four and be an epic explosion of intense passion and energy when the final giant goes into the kiln.

That will take place at 1PM on Sunday April 22, at the Martin Blank Studio, 818 John Street Seattle, WA 98109 Tel: 206-898-7201

Press Luncheon will be served Sunday 2:30PM. https://www.martinblankstudios.com/