Will Louisiana Legalize Recreational Pot, Now That Medical Marijuana Is Expanding

Photo Credit: Bruce Bennett

The lawmaker that authored a bill to expand medical marijuana is expressing hope for legalizing recreational pot.

State  Rep. Ted James said, “When we talk about recreational marijuana; we could solve our budget crisis, we could stop filling our jails with young people based on misdemeanor and small drug offenses, and we could use some of those dollars to pay down our debt.”

The comments come after Gov. John Bel Edwards signed the bill which adds glaucoma, PTSD, Parkinson’s and other ailments to list of illnesses eligible for medical marijuana.  Another measure allows medical pot pills for patients with autism.

James says he is seeing growing bipartisan support for recreational pot legalization in Louisiana.

The governor, however, has repeatedly said he could not support making marijuana legal for recreational use.

Nonetheless, James says he anticipates a bill in 2019 to potentially green light recreational use.

Medical marijuana is expected to be available later in the state this summer.