Yesterday Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Live Or Die Vote Happened And Here Are The Results

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Maybe yesterday you heard about the extremely dramatic vote happening yesterday afternoon in Canada’s House of Commons. It was for the second reading of Bill C-45, also known as Cannabis Act.

This was a major moment for the future of the legalization of marijuana in Canada since if there was a majority vote against the bill and the contents within it, it would effectively kill the Liberals plans to have marijuana legal in Canada for the summer of 2018.

The reason that this particular vote was seen as a dramatic one, is that there are still many members of the House to oppose the legalization and recreational use of marijuana, and so there was a very good chance that Bill C-45 could have been outvoted and killed.

Well the votes are now in and  44-29 senate vote, it looks like Bill-C45 is going to live on. The next step for the bill is that it go through a third reading, more amendments, Royal Assent, and then it becomes law.

While things are looking good for Bill C-45 it’s far from being in the clear. Senators from all sides have voiced concerns over aspects of the bill, from health and youth access to policing and legal worries.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the third reading of C-45, but for now Canadians are on track to getting the legalized marijuana they were promised.