‘Kush, Colorado’: Renaming A Pot-Loving Town

Photo: Shutterstock

MOFFAT, Colo. (TND) — In southern Colorado, a tiny town is trying to change its name.

Moffat, Colorado’s board of trustees is weighing a proposal to rename their town “Kush,” according to the Denver Post.

“Kush” is a slang term for the increasingly popular now-legal product in the state, marijuana. The slang is derived from a strain of marijuana that originates in the Hindu region of Hindu Kush, according to Dictionary.com.

Moffat reportedly is home to a little more than 100 residents, and many of them are cannabis growers. The town is located near the Great Sand Dunes National Park and locals hope the rebranding could get tourists to make a pit stop in “Kush” during their travels, according to OutHereColorado.com.

The renaming effort, which is said to be an attempt at making the little town into a destination spot for weed enthusiasts, is the brainchild of Mike Biggio, who is the co-founder of AREA 420 in Moffat.

“AREA 420 is a 420 acre Cannabis Business Park located in Southern Colorado, zoned for licensed commercial grows, Marijuana-Infused Products ( MIP ) laboratories, testing labs and research facilities, both recreational and medical,” AREA 420 says on its website. “We are the world’s largest collection of independently owned commercial cannabis operators who have formed like Voltron to compete against corporate cannabis!”

Speaking with the Denver Post, Biggio says he wants to establish Moffat as a “world-renowned cannabis region” and he thinks renaming the town would be a big step in that direction.

I’m looking to establish this as a world-renowned cannabis region,” Biggio reportedly says. “This would show the town has both feet in on this and reflect the new culture here.”

Cassandra Foxx, Moffat’s mayor, is reportedly very into the idea of renaming the town “Kush.” She tells the Denver Post that AREA 420 was a big part of reinvigorating the town’s economy.

Change is always good,” Foxx reportedly says. “The most dangerous phrase is, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ That’s the death of society.”

Not everyone is on board with the name change, however. The Denver Post reports one town trustee, Ken Skoglund, thinks the renaming would be an “overreach,” even though he is in full support of the town’s marijuana industry.