Australia: PreveCeutical Medical Gets First Aurora Cannabis Shipment

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Preveceutical said it had received the first shipment of dried cannabis flower and oils from Aurora Cannabis, which means soluble gel (Sol-gel) delivery testing can now start.

As revealed earlier this month, the firm, in a major milestone, had received the key permits to allow this material to be imported into Australia by the cannabis major.

It will be used for the group’s research led by Preveceutical’s chief research officer Dr Harendra Parekh at the University of Queensland.

“Testing of the imported cannabis strains in the application of soluble gel (Sol-gel) drug-delivery technology to cannabinoids is now expected to commence,” said the firm in a brief statement.

“The purpose of the testing will be to develop therapies for relief from a range of symptoms, including pain, inflammation, seizures and neurological disorders.”

The advantages of Sol-gels over conventional liquid nasal sprays include reduced dosage requirements, and reduced irritation and other negative side effects.