AZ: Phoenix Couple Opens Spa-Like Space For Medical Marijuana Patients

Photo Credit: Gabby Toman

After medical marijuana became legal in Arizona in 2010, a Valley couple thought about how to get into the business. This year, Todd and Amanda Romboli opened DommLife.

“We really want to create a patient-first environment,” said owner Todd Romboli.

Todd was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a form of cancer at the age of 22. He received radiation but still had pain and other symptoms after treatment.

“Cannabis has helped me control pain, swelling,” said Todd.

DommLife, located on Thomas Road near 32nd Street, is a “one-stop shop.” A variety of services are offered to patients including a salon and spa, yoga, coffee, shopping, organic meals and a meeting space.

No medical marijuana is sold on-site.

The space operates through a membership program that allows medical-marijuana patients to use the services. However, the public can visit the space for information.

“…where we see the future of cannabis”

“It was kind of our natural progression of what we felt was lacking in the industry, as well as our vision as to where we see the future of cannabis,” said Todd.

The space was inspired by the couple’s travels to Europe and Asia.

“We’ve tried to make it like a cool industrial space that is cool for men and women,” said Amanda, a former boutique owner.

The couple decided to open the space after starting DOMM, Delivery of Medical Marijuana, over a year ago.

“It’s the bread and butter of our business,” said Todd.

The delivery service, similar to Grub Hub, is offered across the state, expect for Tuscon. Only patients with medical marijuana cards can use the delivery service.

The couple hopes DommLife can be a destination for patients to not feel judged and can receive more information on medical marijuana.

“It’s a place for like-minded people to come,” said Amanda.

The Marijuana Industry Trade Association works to provide education on the state’s medical marijuana program.

“Safe secure spaces, in compliance with local controls as developed by cities and counties, are an excellent idea and we support their advancement and development,” said Executive Director Demitri Downing.

DommLife is located near a busy section of Thomas Road, surrounded by businesses that provide services for the home and pets. Framin’ Works of Arizona-Phoenix owner Alan Abeyta has no problem being a neighbor to the company.

“I’m glad he is able to help people outside the normal medical establishment,” said Abeyta.

On April 20, a date that is known as an unofficial holiday for marijuana users, DommLife hosted a fashion show to help connect patients with organizations and vendors.

Todd and Amanda hope events like that can help remove the stigma associated with medical marijuana.

“I think safe spaces like this have an important roll to play in our society,” said Downing. “Having personal experience in Amsterdam Spain Portugal and other places, I can assure the public that they are a net gain for the community.”