CA: Two More Medical Marijuana Businesses Receive Permits To Make Products In Costa Mesa

Photo Credit: Liz Hafalia

Costa Mesa planning commissioners gave the thumbs-up to two proposed medical marijuana facilities Monday — pushing the number of commission-approved businesses so far to nine.

On a pair of 3-0 votes, with Vice Chairman Byron de Arakal and Commissioner Isabell Kerins absent, the commission granted required conditional use permits to Yummi Karma LLC and The Healing Plant.

Yummi Karma proposes to operate within a 2,650-square-foot facility at 3505 Cadillac Ave., Unit O-101, while The Healing Plant is eyeing a 22,173-square-foot building at 1685 Toronto Way.

Both decisions are final unless appealed to the City Council within seven days.

Under Measure X — an initiative local voters passed in 2016 — businesses that research, test, process and manufacture some medical marijuana products can open in a specified area north of South Coast Drive and west of Harbor Boulevard.

Last week, the City Council approved a code amendment to also allow recreational marijuana businesses of those types in that same area. Costa Mesa still prohibits retail sales of marijuana and marijuana products.

The Healing Plant would be a manufacturing, processing and distribution facility for cannabis products. Activities at the site would include filling vape pens, crafting edibles and bottling cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic beverages, according to planning documents.

On Monday, several company representatives gave the commission a detailed walk through of how the facility would function and what measures are in place to ensure it operates safely and securely.

Yummi Karma has an existing line of products including cannabis-infused tinctures and snacks like chips and popcorn that would be made at the Costa Mesa facility.

Company representatives said their products are largely geared toward women.

“I just want to say, ‘Go ladies,'” said Commissioner Carla Navarro Woods, prompting cheers from the company’s supporters in the audience.

“I wish you a lot of luck,” she added. “This sounds pretty cool.”

Commissioner Jeffrey Harlan said he thinks the proposed operation “will be a good addition and hopefully a good model for other companies who may want to do something similar.”

Before opening, the two companies must secure city fire-prevention, finance and building safety approvals as well as finalize their medical marijuana business permits and business licenses. They also will need state approval.

Commissioners also voted unanimously to delay a permit application from Leaf Concepts LLC — which is looking to open a 7,783-square-foot medical marijuana manufacturing and processing facility at 3505 Cadillac, Building E — saying they wanted more information about the proposed operation.

That item is expected to come back on May 31.