Cannabis Skincare Products: CBD Oil Aims To Help Women, Children

Photo Credit: Olivia Vanni

A new line of cannabis products is aimed just at women and it started in a mother’s kitchen.

“It broke my heart. She would come home and say that she didn’t feel confident. She didn’t feel beautiful,” said Krista Whitley, the founder of the Bella line of products.

Bella is Whitley’s daughter, and she is growing up with eczema. She’s tried all kinds of creams and medications. It’s hard on her and her mom.

“She really spent a lot of her education time being picked on. She was the lizard lady. They teased her for how her skin was,” said Whitley.

So Bella’s mom started a line of skincare products named after her daughter. They come from marijuana without getting you high. They are infused with CBD.

They are also made for women. Females are in all the advertisements.

“All these products that I’ve tried have a very strong scent, masculine scent. I don’t want to smell like a men’s locker room,” said Kristine Lukens, a customer who uses Bella and loves it.

Bath bombs, creams, and a solution you drop right on your tongue.

“It’s been amazing just to give to my friends and their moms and everyone who’s suffering in pain and see how much better they’re feeling so instantly,” said Whitley.

A mom’s quest to make her daughter feel better can now start making some green.