CBD Oil Could Be Legalized By The End Of March In Indiana

Photo Credit: Kelly Wilkinson

The Indiana House took action Tuesday to allow Hoosiers to possess or buy low-THC cannabidiol oil, potentially clearing up months of confusion over current law.

The House unanimously passed Senate Bill 52, which would legalize CBD oil that contains only low-levels of THC. That is the component that at higher levels gives cannabis users a “high.”

If the measure clears a couple more hurdles, it could become law by late March.The bill already passed out of the Senate, but Sen. Michael Young, the bill author, said he doesn’t plan to vote to concur on the bill.

The House stripped some requirements out of the bill for CBD manufacturers and made it a level 5 felony to knowingly sell CBD oil with a higher amount of THC, labeled as low-THC.

“They changed the bill,” Young said. “I’d rather get it back and look at it first. I’m just not going to concur. That’s all I can say right now.”

Instead, the bill likely will head to a House-Senate conference committee where lawmakers will attempt to reach a compromise, before the bill can go to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s desk. Holcomb said he is OK with legalizing CBD with low levels of THC.

Last legislative session lawmakers passed a bill to allow epileptic patients on a registry to purchase CBD oil. The new law set off a flurry of CBD oil confiscations at nearly 60 retailers throughout Indiana.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill later issued an opinion declaring the product illegal. Lawmakers promised to clarify the law and introduced at least 10 bills this legislative session.

“My goal with (Senate Bill 52 and House Bill 1214) is to clear up the confusion about CBD oil and make it available to all people with some discomfort,” said Rep. Bill Friend, R-Macy.

The Senate is set to vote on two other CBD-related bills, including House Bill 1137, which would allow Hoosiers to grow low-THC hemp.