Christian Okoye Says Marijuana Saved Him, ‘Almost Pain Free’

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ex-NFL star Christian Okoye says marijuana has changed his life — freeing him up from opioid-based pain meds — and now his body is “almost pain free.”

The Nigerian Nightmare says his body was a wreck after his NFL career wrapped up back in 1992 … to the point where even a slow jog was a major challenge.

But now, Okoye says he’s using CBD treatment — aka Cannabidiol (a marijuana-based substance) — and Christian says it’s working so well he’s kicked his other pain medication to the curb.

In fact, Okoye recently signed a deal to become a spokesperson for Kannaway — and says he’s trying to get his message to other NFL players, past and present.

“I think it’s a way for players to help themselves be pain free.”

Of course, the challenge … marijuana is still on the NFL’s banned substances list — but several players are trying to change that.

In other news, Okoye recently learned The Rock’s character in “Rampage” — Davis Okoye — is named after him … and he’s totally stoked about it!!!