Court Upholds Conviction Of Delaware’s Medical Marijuana Robin Hood

Photo Credit: Suchat Pederson

Delaware’s Supreme Court has upheld the drug dealing and conspiracy convictions of a woman who illegally sold medical marijuana.

The court ruled Tuesday that Facebook posts in which Jessica Andreavich promoted her activities and listed prices for her products were properly allowed into evidence by a judge.

Andreavich argued that the Facebook posts involved prior uncharged conduct, were unfairly prejudicial, and were irrelevant to the sale that prompted her arrest.

Andreavich is an activist and medicinal marijuana cardholder known as Delaware’s medical marijuana “Robin Hood.” She was arrested last year after police received a tip from a medical marijuana program compliance manager.

Andreavich was charged with selling $60 worth of marijuana-infused edibles to a detective posing as a friend of a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.