FL: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opening Soon In St. Lucie County

Photo Credit: WPEC

Just days after a judge overturned a ban on smoking medical marijuana, a new medical pot dispensary is set to open.

It will be the first one in St. Lucie County.

When you first come into this medical marijuana dispensary, you’ll see a counter on the left with all the products they have for sale.

But you can’t just walk over and buy what you need; you’ll first have to go to a waiting area, where you’ll meet with an expert to go over your medical marijuana options.

Eva Hernandez, a paralegal and mother of four kids who lives in Stuart, has been using medical marijuana since October.

She’s been driving to Lake Worth or Miami to get it.

Hernandez showed us her medical marijuana patient ID card, issued by the state. The card is required to get medical marijuana.

“It’s made it possible for me to work and take care of my children without having constant pain and seizures,” she said.

Now she won’t have to drive so far to get it, once this place opens.

This dispensary is at 10941 U.S. 1 in a shopping plaza near a Metro PCS and a Payless Shoe store.

It has more than a dozen security cameras indoors and out, and at least one armed guard.

“We do have a security team that will greet and check our patients in,” said Rhae Gartino, Liberty Health Sciences.

They’ll sell medical pot in capsules, vapes, and oil. Prices range from $40 to $250.

After last week’s ruling clearing the way for people to smoke medical marijuana in Florida, this dispensary can’t wait to sell it in smokeable form.

“I’m happy because a lot of patients have been suffering because that’s what they’re used to and that’s what they want,” Gartino said.

They grow their own marijuana at a farm near Gainesville.

Although recreational marijuana is not legal in Florida, this place is ready to go.

“Liberty Health will offer recreational marijuana when that time comes,” Gartino said.

The store is days away from opening. But Gartino says they’ve already had to turn people away who’ve been showing up, asking if they could buy medical marijuana. The doors open Friday morning at 10 a.m. and also plan to open one in Boca Raton before the end of the year.