KY: Medical Marijuana Gains 3-2 Support

Photo Credit: Getty Images

In the rubber match on the medical marijuana resolution, Bullitt Fiscal Court voted 3-2 in favor of casting its support for legislation.

In reality, the vote did little as the General Assembly has all but shut down for the current session and the resolution’s only power was to show legislators the local support.

Locally, Bullitt Fiscal Court and the city councils from Mount Washington, Fox Chase and Hillview all voted in favor of some form of resolution supporting medical marijuana.

No other local agency voted on the matter.

On its third consideration of the ordinance, several individuals spoke against supporting medical marijuana.

James Chappell said he didn’t understand why agencies like fiscal court would take the time to consider such a resolution.

“We’re creating total chaos,” said Chappell.

He didn’t understand why the court would continue to spend the time and energy to listen to both sides since it wasn’t their decision.

Jonathan Hughes, a representative with Addiction Recovery Care, said that marijuana does lead to the use of other drugs. In fact, he said studies show that one out of every six marijuana users will eventually get addicted to heroin.

Magistrate Joe Rayhill said it is less damaging than opioids subscribed by doctors for pain control. His goal is to have state government give doctors the authority to prescribe medical marijuana through approved outlets.

Hughes said there are synthetic drugs which can provide the relief offered through medical marijuana.

In casting their votes, four of the individuals gave some comments.

Rayhill voted in favor of the resolution all three times. The most current resolution stated that fiscal court supported a change made by the General Assembly to legalize medical marijuana for the benefits provided. However, there would be no support for legalizing plants.

The magistrate appreciated the passion and has explained his personal experience with cancer taking the life of his wife. He said he understands that fiscal court doesn’t have any authority. However, he wants the state to do something to allow doctors to do what they think is best for their patients.

He’s only wanting the state to untie the hands of the doctors.

Magistrate Gary Lawson said that he originally joined in with the rest of fiscal court to support the first resolution. He changed his mind and voted to rescind his support after listening to what he considered “fake” news.

After checking things out, he changed his mind.

Magistrate Dennis Mitchell said that after listening to both sides, he felt the doctors should be allowed to make the decision. He felt that there is evidence to show that a number of people could benefit from medical marijuana.

County Judge/Executive Melanie Roberts voted against the resolution. She felt there were some words in the resolution that she couldn’t agree with.

Also, a veteran brought her an article that talked about the lack of research done on the topic. She said there was a lot of conflicting information.

Roberts added that the federal government doesn’t allow medical marijuana and there are already drugs available to help those in pain.

“I do not think this helps Bullitt County one single bit,” said Roberts.

Magistrate Joe Laswell cast the other vote opposing the resolution.