LA: Medical Marijuana Pharmacy May Be Coming To Lake Charles

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

A medical marijuana pharmacy may soon open in Lake Charles.

At its March 27-28 meeting, the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy is considering applications from each of nine designated areas for marijuana pharmacies.

If the Board of Pharmacy grants the permits, the locations could open within a few months.

A total of 10 pharmacies initially will be allowed in the state including one in each of nine designated regions across the state. The 10th pharmacy location will be decided at a later date based on which region has the greatest demand.

The Louisiana Department of Health determined the 9 regions which include New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Teche (Houma area), Acadian, Southwest, Central, Northwest, Northeast and Southeast.

The top applicant for the Southwest Area is Calcasieu Therapeutics, which is based out of Lafayette, according to information from the Secretary of State’s website.

The board has narrowed its list of applicants and ranked them in order of likely acceptance in all but two regions. Those regions are Northeast and Central. The board is expected to reopen the application process for those two regions.

Here is a listing of the current top applicants for each of the seven other locations:

•NEW ORLEANS:  The RX Greenhouse, LLC (Metairie)

•BATON ROUGE:  Capitol Wellness Solutions, LLC

•TECHE:  Bayou Therapeutics Pharmacy, LLC (Schriever)

•ACADIAN:  Acadiana Therapeutic Remedics, LLC (Lafayette)

•SOUTHWEST:  Calcasieu Therapeutics, LLC  (Lake Charles)

•NORTHWEST:  NorLa Pharm, LLC (Shreveport)

•SOUTHEAST:  Willow Pharmacy, LLC (Madisonville)

The board will discuss applications for the Southwest Region on March 28.