Marijuana Isn’t The Problem, the Hypocrisy Of The NFL’s Drug Policy Is

Photo Credit: Paul Nisely

Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory who has played in only 14 games since the cowboys wasted a second round pick on him three years ago, was in New York yesterday.

Gregory was meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell trying to get reinstated after his year long drug suspension.

Gregory has been suspended three times, failed a drug test at the NFL combine and the Cowboys drafted him anyway. Now I don’t think marijuana is the problem that many of you do, but if you show up stoned at the biggest job interview you’re ever gonna have, you have a problem.

Gegory does…or at least he did…and the NFL has a problem too.

Marijuana in one form or another is legal in 29 states. A recent Gallup Poll says 64 percent of Americans think marijuana should be legal.

Former NFL player Martellus Bennett says 90 percent of players use marijuana…now he’s always been a little bit out there, but I think he’s close…because I’ve seen it.

The players who smoke marijuana would shock many of you and they never fail a drug test because the league tells ’em when the test is coming.

Former Cowboys tackle Mark Tuinei told me that he played 15 years without failing a drug test, retired, then died of a drug overdose. Marijuana wasn’t his problem…the hypocrisy of the NFL’s drug policy might have been.