Meghan Markle’s Sister Calls On Her Royal Sibling To Fight For Medical Marijuana

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The newly created Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is being called on to advocate for medical marijuana legalization in the UK. And there’s reason to believe that she might take up that cause since the request comes from her sister Samantha Grant, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Grant wants her royal sister to push for cannabis reform in the UK, where medical marijuana remains prohibited. Grant became a cannabis advocate being diagnosed with multiple scleroses, which has left her confined to a wheelchair.

As an American citizen residing in Florida, Grant can access medical marijuana for her condition. Those treatments have helped her appreciate the kind of life-altering benefits that cannabis can offer, especially the “anti-inflammatory and therapeutic benefits for people living with multiple sclerosis.”

Now, Grant would like to see her royal sister use some of her influence to advocate for wide implementation of medical marijuana legislation in the UK so people who have similar illness can receive the treatment they deserve.

“In my opinion she should advocate for the use of medical marijuana to alleviate the suffering from a wide variety of conditions but specifically MS because of its prevalence in the UK,” said Grant. “It would be foolish for her not to advocate for it because MS is known as a genetic condition it lives on the same genetic locus as rheumatoid arthritis.”

For the sake of future dukes and duchesses of Sussex, Meghan Markle should seriously consider taking up the battle to legalize cannabis in Britain.