MI: 145 Family Restaurant Closes, Will Become Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Photo Credit: Taylor DesOrmeau

A Jackson-area staple dating to the 1950s – The 145 Family Restaurant – has closed its doors.

A fire leveled the original Leoni Township location in 2014, but the restaurant reopened the following year across the street at 6031 Ann Arbor Road.

The township approved a request on Tuesday, May 15 to allow the space to become a medical marijuana provisioning center for Choice Labs.

“Closed for business” signs were posted at the restaurant Wednesday morning and workers were removing equipment from the space. Representatives of the 145 Family Restaurant declined to comment.

The 4,070-square-foot building was most recently purchased in 2002 by D & K LLC for $275,000, according to township documents.

Food options included appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, breakfasts and dinners.

The 145 Truck Stop across the street – which reopened in 2017 with a Little Caesars, Broasted Chicken and Marathon gas station – remains open.

Choice Labs originally planned for a dispensary to be built at the intersection of Ann Arbor and Sargent roads. The township board voted 7-0 to change the location. There is some apprehension about the project, however.

“People in that subdivision I live in behind (the new location) aren’t real thrilled about it,” Kennedy said.

The business is already operating a provisioning center on 3331 Page Ave. It’s also received licenses to grow and process medical marijuana in the township.

“We are trying to set the standard for dispensaries in the state,” Choice Labs scientist Michael Swartz said. “We are trying to bring an element of professionalism and a mindset toward helping our patients treat their ailments with a safer alternative.”

Two medical marijuana licenses were revoked Tuesday by the township board for not meeting the time frame of the ordinance, Treasurer Lori Stack said. This leaves 42 medical marijuana applications approved in the township – although they must still seek state approval.

Leoni Township approved a moratorium on approving more medical marijuana facilities in agriculturally-zoned land for six months – but not before another batch of applications flooded in. There are 28 more seeking township approval, Kennedy said.

“When the word got out that there was going to be a moratorium, there was a mad rush to get here,” Stack said.

Kennedy said he’s interested in capping the number of facilities the township approves, but doesn’t believe he’ll get board support. Provisioning centers are capped at 15 right now, but growers, processors and secure transporters are unlimited.

“I would be very interested in putting some bigger buffers in (agriculturally-zoned areas),” Stack said. “What I want to do right now is slow this down, see what happens, (and determine) where we are going.”

Hiring a school liaison officer – partially funded by medical marijuana money – was also approved by the board on Tuesday. The officer will be full time and work at East Jackson High School and Michigan Center High School – and each school district will chip in $15,000.

When school is not in session, the officer will help enforce the township’s medical marijuana ordinance, Stack said.

“The community wants it to slow down,” Kennedy said. “Some people are totally against it. I might just be a ‘no’ vote from here on out. I’m not against medical marijuana. I think it’s gotten way, way too (big).”