Michigan Marijuana Board: Don’t Use Suppliers To Get Medical Use Card

Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press

The state is warning prospective patients they should not go through marijuana suppliers to apply for medical marijuana cards.

David Harns of the Michigan medical marijuana licensing agency explains that some marijuana suppliers are saying they can process requests for patients who want official permission to use marijuana. But, Harns says more often than not it’s a scam that places patients in legal jeopardy.

Sometimes, they’ll try to sell you a product on the spot. They’ll try to give you a temporary authorization card saying you can buy this while your application is pending. That’s not the case.

Harns advises:

Don’t go through a third party. Don’t go through a provisioning center. Don’t go through a dispensary. Come directly to the state of Michigan with your documents, and we’ll get you the information that you need so that you’re legal when you go about trying to purchase this product in the future.”

Harns says the state does not issue any temporary medical marijuana cards.

“So it’s important that you wait to purchase medical marijuana until you’ve got that card, and you should go the state of Michigan’s process to get that card, just to make sure you’re doing everything the correct way. It also prevents fraud and abuse from folks getting your driver’s license and all other types of information as well.”

The state is currently in the process of implementing permanent rules for medical marijuana growers and distributors.