NC: The Hop To Serve Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream

Photo Credit: WLOS Staff

The Hop Ice Cream Cafe will soon be serving up a bold new flavor with a unique ingredient—cannabis.

More specifically they are using CBD oil extracted from cannabis plants.

“It’s the only thing that helps keep my pain more or less in check after a surgical procedure, where I was on narcotics and this and that,” CBD oil user Jeff Paskow said.

For pain relief, inflammation, anxiety and more, patients, like Paskow swear by using CBD oil.

“It stops that moment of a little something and I feel better about it, because this is a killer,” Paskow said motioning to his left shoulder.

Paskow said he rubbed or vaped the oil, which Brian Bullman, co-owner of Carolina Hemp Co., said would not give him a buzz, as with smoking marijuana.

“It’s all cannabis, right? The primary difference is the THC content,” Bullman said. “The 2014 farm bill weighed a legal parameter. Cannabis with 0.3 percent or less THC can be legally classified as hemp.”

From hemp plants, Ashley and Greg Garrison, co-owners of The Hop Ice Cream Cafe, planned on serving up their CBD ice cream.

“We actually steep the hemp flower buds in the ice cream, and it does give it a little bit of the, like, dank hempy smell and flavor. But it’s really delicious,” Ashley said.

The CBD oil also made it relatively nutritious, with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

“When we launch it on the 29th of June, it’ll be in conjunction with a wellness night that we’re doing at the creamery,” Greg said. “So, that night, we’ll have all different kinds of ice creams that are sort of inspired by healthier ingredients.”

One of those ingredients—CBD oil—continued inspiring patients like Paskow.

“I would say it’s definitely a huge alternative, because what was I going to do?” Paskow said.

The new flavor at The Hop will debut June 29, 2018 at all three locations.