ND: BioTrackTHC Awarded Contract To Oversee Flow Of Medical Marijuana

Photo Credit: Emily Maxwell

North Dakota has awarded a contract to BioTrackTHC to implement a medical marijuana tracking system that includes overseeing seed-to-sale inventory  as well as registration.

“The Division of Medical Marijuana is committed to implementing a well regulated program,” said Jason Wahl, director of the Medical Marijuana Division. “Implementation of the information management system will assist in ensuring state laws are followed and allow the division to effectively monitor the operations of manufacturing facilities and dispensaries.”

The system will track the production, transportation and sale of usable marijuana under the program and will allow the division to track every marijuana plant and every gram of marijuana throughout the production life cycle.

“The data included in the tracking system will provide a digital record of the state’s entire marijuana inventory,” Wahl said. “The system provides for transparency and accountability and keeps safety a top priority.”

The registration system will be used to process applications from qualifying patients, designated caregivers, manufacturing facility agents, dispensary agents and laboratory agents. The system will provide information regarding the status of registry identification cards, which will be accessible to law enforcement personnel, health care providers and pharmacists.

“We are grateful to have the opportunity to partner with the North Dakota Department of Health and look forward to playing a key role in bringing safe access to usable marijuana for North Dakotans through a proven and secure track-and-trace system,” said Patrick Vo, president and CEO of BioTrackTHC.