A New CBD Users Survey Reveals CBD Is Pretty Great

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

A new in-depth survey on CBD usage is the largest of its kind, and it’s giving us some important information about how people use CBD, and what happens once they do. Forbes reports that a collaborative survey by HelloMD and Brightfield Group reached 2,400 of HelloMD’s 150,000 members, and the results provide the following insights:

• 55 percent of CBD consumers were women, with men seeking out higher THC products.

• 80 percent of CBD consumers said they found the products they used to be “very or extremely effective,” with fewer than 3 percent finding the products to be “slightly effective or ineffectual.”

• 42 percent of CBD users reported they were swapping out cannabis for Tylenol or prescription pain meds such as Vicodin.

• The most common reasons people sought out CBD was for insomnia, depression, anxiety, and joint pain.

• The vast number of products can overwhelm consumers, with more than 850 cannabis-derived CBD products and 150 hemp-derived products. Eight percent of users could not remember the products they had last used.

• There was a near universal complaint among users of hemp-derived CBD products that they were less effective than products derived from cannabis, with 90 percent saying they would only use cannabis-based products. This complicates matters for those seeking CBD products in states that still prohibit products with any more than .03 percent THC, if at all. It also begs the question of what the f*ck are we doing freaking out about a small percentage of THC in products? (We can add this to the ever growing “WTF” list this country is facing.) It does stand to reason that CBD, which is an “entourage” cannabinoid, works better if it’s part of an actual entourage.

• Vaping was the number one choice among consumers, followed by traditional flower (bud), then edibles.